About us

The designer of the fashion got inspiration in a dream on the magical island of Ibiza.
By listening to his feelings and signals, something beautiful has been created.

A unique and rare unisex brand where the theme of awareness is central. A brand where only 250 pieces are made of each t-shirt




Each unique shirt will be featured on our website and our social media.
By registering on the site you are eligible for 1 of the t-shirts that will be sold on a date chosen by us.
This will not be longer than 5 weeks after accouncement.

Enter your name and email and give a motivation why you would like the wear the t-shirt.

The two first unique unisex t-shirts that will come out from the Awareness label

 oversized wit T-shirt label Awareness

 oversized wit T-shirt label Awareness

The not knowing side of the dice is a recuuring theme in out lives. 
We don't know what next, but that everything will happen with a reason is totally clear for me.
Are you also going to see and feel this, than you can speak about awareness.


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You can also gain inspiration for your own awareness 

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